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BagXio Yard Bag Cart Story

The Bagxio Yard Bag Cart was invented out of desire to find a better way to use yard bags. Having a demanding job, with little time left to take care of yard work, a cart was not available that truly worked well with yard bags.
The birth of Bagxio Yard Bag Cart started in the Winter of 2015. Over the following months, multiple versions were designed and redesigned, until all needs were met for a better bag holder. In the summer of 2015, the 1st Bagxio Cart prototype cart was built. It took several months to get the components, materials, and functionality right. Once the prototype was finished and functionality was proven, we realized something special was created. After several months of using the prototype cart, it was very apparent what a great tool Bagxio Yard Bag Cart is. Soon after, the legal process of obtaining a patent was started, which demanded a great deal of time and effort. Finally in the Summer of 2018 Bagxio Yard Bag Cart was awarded an official US Patent.
In order to ensure that Bagxio Yard Bag Cart is best in class, the cart was extensively tested over multiple seasons, to truly confirm it functioned as designed. Multiple improvements were made to the design and functionality, before the product was available to the public.
We started selling Bagxio Yard Bag Carts on a limited basis in the fall of 2017. Our 1st customer liked it so much, he bought 3 carts. The same positive reaction was received from other early customers, with very positive feedback. With so much encouraging feedback, we wanted to make Bagxio Yard Bag Cart available to everyone. It’s a true innovative tool that makes people’s life just a little easier. 
Bagxio Yard Bag Cart is proudly produced in Sterling Heights, MI. We hope you find our product as useful as our current customers do.
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